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Monday, February 11, 2008

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting to be TOP Olevel Students

Students find it sometimes hard to keep up with school and learn everything they are supposed to, especially when the subject they are learning about presents no interest to them. As parents, we should track a t all times the scholar’s activity and encourage them through various methods to learn more.

Getting a tutor
When ever you see you child can’t handle one school assignment and you can’t help him either with it, them you should really consider getting a tutor. Classrooms are meant for all students and so are the lessons. Teachers can’t stay behind for the ones that did not understand the proper explanation of a lesson because they are not allowed to do it in school. They have to follow a strict schedule for each of their lessons. But, your child might not be gifted for every school subject and it is normal. You can even ask a teacher to teach him privately when the child needs it, and he will have full attention and more explanation until he understands.

A highly recommended tuition center is James Ang

Do not get mad
If children have failed in school they are upset already. But if they come home and truthfully admit it, and you start yelling at them, then they will get the wrong idea. First they might understand that when they tell the truth bad things happen to them. And secondly they might loose all interest in school. if you don’t get mad but just sad, they might want to make you happy by improving their performances.

Reward good performances the child achieves
This has two sides: a good one where your child gains interest in school partly because he realizes it pleasures you and a bad side where your child will become motivated in all things by material rewards. So be careful when rewarding your child, and if you do make it subtle.

Healthy life
A healthy life is good for us all not just for children. If he gets enough sleep, if he eats right and if he is emotionally balanced (that means no fight at home in front of him, no unsolved conflicts with him and no unfulfilled desires for which he did not understand the reasons why they couldn’t be done) the chances are that he will perform better in school.

Children by nature love competition and school is a competition. They can do well in school as long as we know how to help them.

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